TWC's Services


We work closely with our clients to curate a procurement portfolio that best suits their immediate needs and long term cellar goals. Our resources include private collections, wineries, and importers. Our 20 plus years of global experience allow us access to a broad network in both the private sector and wholesale market. And because of these long standing relationships in the wholesale market we enjoy generous allocations of some of the world's most sought after wines.

Cellar Refinement & Optimization

A balanced cellar means different things to different people. It’s something very personal. Firstly, we can help by determining which wines in your collection are ready for drinking, which wines are high risk, and which wines have gained most value since your purchase. Secondly, we work to curate a procurement list that focuses on the producers and styles of wine that suit your tastes. And finally, we make sure that the wines you want to be drinking are well stocked and easily accessible in your home or cellars.


We all love to drink wine. It is the reward of collecting and patiently aging. But in the process of refining your investment, it is sometimes necessary to sell certain parts of it in order to refocus. We can help with every step of this process; from assessing value, to determining which avenue to utilize for your sale, and lastly organizing the logistics of packing and shipping your sold wine. Our goal here is to place your wine in the right hands and make sure you get the best possible return on your investment. We have our own retail outlet, personal relationships with the top auction houses, and deep connections in the private collector community to make this happen.

Inventory and Reconciliation

Knowing precisely what you have in your collection and exactly where everything is at all times is requisite. We achieve this by conducting a complete and thorough inventory of your collection. All quantities and mapped locations will be used to build a new document or reconcile with your pre-existing inventory to provide ease of access to your collection.


There are a number of reasons for determining the value of your entire collection or maybe just a piece of it. Insurance, liquidation, or just tracking the progress of your investment. We offer accurate appraisals based on current market and auction data as well as our own first hand experience buying and selling collectable wines.

Auction Representation

Auctions are a time consuming and sometimes intimidating thing to participate in. We can manage every step of this process either as a consultant or direct representative:
      • Reviewing the catalogue to identify lots that fit your profile or may be a particularly good value. 
      • Physically inspecting the bottles or leveraging our personal relationships with the auction houses to provide history and documentation of specific lots.
      • Establishing minimum and maximum bidding ranges to act as your direct representative at the auction.
      • Oversee all shipping and handling communication and logistics with the auction house to ensure your wine arrives safely in your cellar.


We’ve all contemplated the idea of a desert island wine. But what if you’re actually going to a desert island and you want to drink that wine, or maybe a mixed case? We can help arrange to have whatever you want to drink wherever you want to drink it. Whether it’s a few bottles waiting for you at your hotel or an old bottle of Champagne shipped to a special restaurant across the globe perfectly chilled and awaiting your arrival.


Our roots are in restaurants. We have a vast amount of both front and back of the house experience working in some of the best restaurants in the world. Service is at the core of who we are, what we do, and how we do things. This is what we draw on to help plan and execute a private event at your home, organize pairings for a dinner, plan a focused tasting of rare wines, or work with our vast network of restaurant connections to host your event.