Maxime Oudiette - Champagne Oudiette

After spending sometime in Champagne this year, we have noticed how much emerging talent their is.Winemakers that are making the way for the next generation.

One of the most memorable was our visit with Maxime Oudiette. Maxime joined his parents at their family estate in 2012 which has been making its own wine since the 1980’s. 2015 was Maxime’s first official vintage for the estate. Maxime spent time working with Anselme Selosse before deciding to come back to Beaunay, take what he had learned and developed his own philosophy for winemaking and viticulture.

The main focus for Maxime is in the vineyard, creating a singly symbiotic ecosystem between the vines and the soil. By doing so this will better create wines that represent their sense of place. Creating organic and biodynamic diversity, viticulture, and permaculture the vines will be more self-sufficient in adapting to climate changes and biological impact.

2018 was the first vintage in which Maxime has created his own label, Maxime Oudiette, and since 2021, the wines are officially under organic certification.

The vineyards are located in Beaunay in the commune of Celles-Les-Conde. The subsoil in Beaunay is mainly white chalk, from the sedimentation of coccoliths during the upper campanian era. His wines are pretty transforming. They have incredible texture, length, and when taking a sip of the Gras d’Huile, you can’t help but think about the wine's longevity.

The rose is pretty unique, delicate, aromatic, floral, with the texture and mineral drive of chardonnay. The care he is putting into his vineyards shows, full of life and natural grasses, in the cellar with his tiny production every step is done by hand and manually.

After visiting with him this September, we were happy to learn he will be adding some barrels to be able to add some more wines to the lineup. 

The Vineyards & Wine Making

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